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Legend has it that Ibrahim, great-grandfather of the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, was the son of a petty Ethiopian prince, who, as a child, was sold to Constantinople. At Peter the Great's request the child was sent to St. Petersburg, where he became the Tzar's "black valet". Peter became fond of the boy. and. baptising him in the Russian Orthodox faith, adopted. him. When Ibrahim grew up, the... Read more
Alexander Mitta, who was a cartoonist before he began making films, is known for his fantasy features that are equally suited for children or adults. Shine Brightly, My Star is set in the Civil War following the Russian Revolution of 1917. ... An itinerant actor, who quaintly takes the name, Iskremas (meaning Revolutionary Art to the Masses), invites people off the street to watch his primitive dr... Read more
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