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A Rat in the Building (Andrew Horne, 1989)
An impressive debut animation from Andrew Horne, adapted from a story by Olga Masters. ... Every Thursday, Maud plays hostess to her four friends from Every Street, Lilyfield - amongst them, Irene wh… Read more

Great Moments in Science - Falling Cats (Andrew Horne, 1995)
Next time your cat falls out the window make sure it does it at least seven storeys up. Karl Kruszelnicki shows us how high rise buildings and open windows provide a strange way to test the aerodynam… Read more

Leunig: Doom and Gloom (Andrew Horne, 2000)
The unmistakable humour and anguish of Michael Leunig's illustrated modern-day fables make the leap from newsprint to screen in this well crafted model animation film. Award-winning Australian animat… Read more

Leunig: Tricks (Andrew Horne, 2000)
Not quite your idyllic Saturday morning in the 'burbs. Struggling to communicate with his son, a man wanders out to his backyard to play with the dog instead. But the dog's up to its own tricks. The … Read more

Shelf Life (Andrew Horne, 1992)
The owner of a suburban delicatessen remi­nisces as he celebrates his 60th birthday and repels the invasion of a-new nearby conve­nience store. Clever, large-scale animation and colourful art… Read more

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