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"I'm always drawn to incidents that if unpacked, reveal a lot about a moment and a culture, and I felt this was one of them." - filmmaker Annie Goldson. ... They called him the White Angel. John Scott was the director of the Fijian Red Cross. His courage was lauded during a coup in 2000 when in the face of armed militants he delivered aid to hostages. But a year later he was brutally murdered with... Read more
In 1978, New Zealander Kerry Hamill and two friends aboard the yacht Foxy Lady took shelter from a storm, accidentally straying into in Cambodian waters. ... One man was shot dead when the boat was boarded by the Khmer Rouge. Hamill was held for months at the notorious S-21 Prison, and then executed after being tortured into signing confessions claiming CIA affiliations. ... The story of the genoc... Read more
In 2012, the capture of the internet's most wanted criminal launched a court case that divided the world. ... Kim Dotcom was the figure behind MegaUpload, once one of the internet's biggest piracy sites. He lived lavishly, with a gigantic gaudy mansion plastered with his personal logo. But this lifestyle ended when authorities with automatic weapons descended on his house in an elaborate raid, arr... Read more
On 13 November 1991, Helen Todd received the phone call that every parent dreads. Her 20 year old son, Kamal, had been injured, shot on an island of East Timor. The nightmare of the next few days intensified until finally Todd was informed that Kamal had died of his wounds. She then found herself blocked from travel to East Timor by Indonesian authorities, hindered at every step in claiming his bo... Read more
Sheilas: 28 Years On New ZealandModelled on the British series 7-Up, Sheilas: 28 Years On follows the lives of five New Zealand women, first encountered in a groundbreaking 1976 TV series, Women. You don't need to have seen that original programme to enjoy this engaging and thoughtful personal history. Intercutting footage from Women, together with marvellous, and often hilarious, archival materia... Read more
This tape examines, through a fragmented narrative, some of the powerful aspects of female adolescence. Aspects of the girls' experiences are juxtaposed with the institutions that mould them - such as school, family and expectations about sexuality and ability. ... Read more
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