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Between Us (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A deceptively simple, poetic examination of conversations, class back-grounds, individual hopes and dreams, set in Melbourne suburbia. Rick, a young washing-machine repairman, bumps into an old schoo… Read more

Embrace (Bill Mousoulis, 1988)
"In the explosive point of contact between what the star actually projects, and what the fan longingly invests, a soul is born" -Adrian Martin ... "Confessions of a Mask" Cinema Papers March '88 ... Read more

Love (Bill Mousoulis, 1991)
The light of love: a science fiction film set in Alphaville, 2015. Shot in Melbourne 1991. ... Read more

Makes Me Stronger (Bill Mousoulis, 1996)
A dark comedy with Bill Mousoulis as a whining effete filmmaker who is trying to reconcile his feelings of envy for his more successful peers. Suffering funding knock backs and personal reaction he g… Read more

MY BLESSINGS (Bill Mousoulis, 1997)
This intriguing character study of a woman liv­ing in inner-city Melbourne, follows filmmak­er Jane Friedman (played by Marie-Louise Walker) over the course of six days, illuminating her thou… Read more

Physical World (Bill Mousoulis, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Precious (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A filmmaker struggles to live. She makes films. She makes love. Co-written and acted by Anna Kotanidis. ... Read more

The End of the World (Bill Mousoulis, 1987)
The world of things and movements traces itself backwards and forwards in an ecstatic vertigo of metaphysical allusion, whilst we sublimely subordinate the will to desire. "Look out," Marguerite Dura… Read more

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