Films By Bruce Beresford

"I hope your balls turn to bicycle wheels and backpedal up your arse!" - Barry McKenzie ... Beer guzzling and sheila chasing are the order of the day when Barry (Barry Crocker) and his aunt Edna (Barry Humphries) fly off to Paris. Mistaken for the Queen (of course), Edna is kidnapped and destined to become a Transylvanian tourist attraction unless the Chunder From Down Under can get to her in time... Read more
Roy Lichtenstein, one of the originators of pop art, has become one of the most controversial of internationally known American painters for his comic strip canvases. There was a retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London, and this film records the public reactions to its impact. ... Read more
Crude, lewd and loose in Britain. Ocker innocent Barry McKenzie attends the reading of a will after his not so beloved dad slips off the perch. One of the conditions of Barry's inheritance is that he makes a trek to the 'Old Country' to get in touch with his British roots. None too keen on flamin' Poms' (or too many other nationalities for that matter), Barry packs a suitcase with Fosters and ice ... Read more
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