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Anatomy of a Businessman (Bruce Currie, 1984)
Decisions, decisions, even in the lunch break. Off beat humour in the style of Curne's prize-winning Flank Breeder. ... Read more

Chuck (Bruce Currie, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

Love Song (Bruce Currie, 1998)
Love is a dangerous game to play, but if you're a rat in love with a cat the stakes are even higher. Bearing gifts and a special love song, the rat embarks on his treacherous mission prepared for the… Read more

One Potato Moor (Bruce Currie, 1986)
A potato-headed scarecrow, stuck out in a paddock. bemoans the fate that assails him "It's not a good place to be this, nowerdays... the pig wants to eat my big fat potato head " He's right. It does.… Read more

The Iced Hopes of Dr Calastein (John Evan Hughes, Bruce Currie, 1981)
Calastein returns to his underground laboratory to continue work on his beloved virus. ... A day not unlike any other and yet, today is different. Somehow things have gone too far, and those outside … Read more

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