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The creator of Otto; Or, Up with Dead People (MIFF 08) extends his adventures in cinema's most unmarketable sub-genre - gay zombie porn. ... Zombies don't often come as fully-ripped as porn star François Sagat - except in Bruce LaBruce's L.A. Zombie. Our anti-hero is convinced he's an alien zombie sent to earth, where he roams the streets of Los Angeles in search of dead bodies and gay sex - an ac... Read more
“Eroto-horror-satire mixes movie-within-a-movie machinations with graphic sex scenes that will titillate anyone who's ever wanted to see someone shagging an open wound.” - VarietyFilmmaking provocateur Bruce LaBruce's (The Raspberry Reich) latest film features a hoodie-wearing zombie, Otto, who reticently rises from the grave and wanders the gay clubs of Berlin. In his journey of self-discovery he... Read more
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