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ALLEGRO NON TROPPO (Bruno Bozzetto, 1976)
This feature-length animated satire on Disney's Fantasia follows a series of cartoon shorts from Bruno Bozzetto, including Opera and Self-Service. Allegro Non Troppo takes six famous musical pieces a… Read more

Alpha Omega (Bruno Bozzetto, 1961)
A shaiply economic summing up of man's life in eight unnerving minutes. ... Read more

An Award for Mr. Rossi (Bruno Bozzetto, 1960)
A witty satire on amateur movie makers. Signor Rossie becomes ambitious and wins an Oscar despite a complete lack of talent. ... Read more

Baby Story (Bruno Bozzetto, 1978)
A humorous account of a child's growth in the womb. ... Read more

Drop (Bruno Bozzetto, 1993)
From the dripping tap to the end of the universe - unless! Watch this space. ... Read more

Ego (Bruno Bozzetto, 1969)
The erotic dreams of a routine-oriented bourgeois. ... Nastro d'argento. Venice 1970; Second Award, Barcelona 1970 ... Read more

Life in a Box (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
Maternity ward box, home box, school box. university box, nuptial box, work box . . . box. But for one brief moment during his life, the box dweller really sees what surrounds him. ... Read more

Man and His World (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
A prize-winning entry in Expo 67's 50-second Man and His World competition from Italy's leading animator (Life in a Box, the Mr. Rossi cartoons). ... Read more

Mr. Rossi Buys a Car (Bruno Bozzetto, 1966)
Mr. Rossi's driving career is not a long one. . . . ... Anica Cup, Venice; Speical Mention, Cannes; Special Mention, Locarno; Golden Mesal, Milan; Award, Bordighera. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi Goes Skiing (Bruno Bozzetto, 1963)
The loveable little Italian cartoon character now tries his hand at the intricacies of winter sports - with the usual disastrous results. ... Special Award, Trento Festival. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi on the Beach (Bruno Bozzetto, 1964)
The misadventures of Signor Rossi during his holidays at the beach. ... Award, Festival of Tourism, Venice; Televisuion Award, Venice. ... Read more

Opera (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1973)
An animated short, made of many crazy gags, tied by a common theme —music: from classical to opera, nothing gets spared from irreverent and affectionate observation. Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Pa… Read more

Pickles (Bruno Bozzetto, 1971)
Bruno Bozetto, famed Italian cartoon film maker, uses different techniques to make his satirical comments on such topical problems of the world as drugs, pollution and war. ... Read more

Sandwich (Bruno Bozzetto, 1984)
A live-action film by Bozetto, "Sandwich" is a very funny look at a man on a bicycle outing, who constructs a monumental sandwich for his lunch, only to have it lurch out of his hands and lead him on… Read more

Striptease (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1977)
An animated send-up of striptease. ... Read more

Tennis Club (Bruno Bozzetto, 1982)
A satirical look at the world's most fashionable sport. ... Read more

The History of Inventions (Bruno Bozzetto, 1959)
Beginning with man's accidental discovery of fire when lightning struck, this cartoon comments, with a certain irony, on his subsequent inventive progress which has now taken him to the threshold of … Read more

The Two Castles (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1962)
With original stylisation, this humorous anecdote tells of the price paid for his curiosity by a little man who tries to enter another castle which is being built in front of his own. ... Read more

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