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Winner of the Golden Bear for the best long documentary film at the Berlin Film Festival, Chris Marker's film has been acclaimed both in France and Israel: "The best documentary on Israel, ever, and one that truly represents our life"; "The first serious film about Israel . . . everything shows the country excitingly, lyrically and with humour"— these reviews from Israeli magazines attest to the f... Read more
Chris Marker whose films, Description of a Struggle, Le joli Mai and La jetee, have been shown at previous Festivals, went to Japan to film the Olympic Games. But there he discovered, working for a film office in Tokyo, a beautiful young Japanese girl called Koumiko. The result is that the Games take up only a few minutes of the film. The rest is Marker's discovery of Japan through Koumiko's eyes—... Read more
In his new film, Chris Marker continues to explore the ways in which new technologies can inform our comprehension of traumatic his­torical events. Like his earlier film Sans Solei,. Level Five meditates on aspects of the Japanese psyche, focusing particularly on the nation's collec­tive amnesia concerning WWII. A French woman, Laura, grieving over the death of her lover attempts to finish writing... Read more
A freelance cameraman travels around the world and wonders about the role of the images he creates. These images,as manifestations of his memories, are being commented upon by a woman friend, who reads his letters, and by a Japanese computer maniac, who rearranges the images on his synthesizer. Then a Filmmaker comes in and combines the letters, the comments, the images with each other and with so... Read more
The Last Bolshevik opens with the contention that it is not the literal past that hold us in thrall, but the images of that past. ... An intelligent and inspiring filmmaker, Chris Marker (Sans Soleil, Tokyo Days) investigates the life of Soviet director Alexander Medvedkin, who was a prolific provider of such images. Anyone familiar with Marker's brilliant essay films will know that this seemingly... Read more
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