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Mysterious-voiced folk-singer Nadezhda Ivanova is big in Bulgaria but, at least until this vibrant, hilarious film, unknown in Australia. ... She writes to Maria, inner-urban sophisti­cate and total stranger, in an attempt to set up a Sydney gig for her ancient tradition of song. An all-singing, no-talking, some-dancing, Slav­ic sing-fest, with playful intertitles (in English and Bulgarian).... Read more
Vertiginous black and white cinematography assaults the senses as we are drawn into the drama of three individuals high up on a cliff ledge - the infamous 'Gap' in Sydney's harbour. One is there to throw his problems into the sea, the others to talk him down. Last year, director Christina Andreef took the musical form to heady heights with Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship. Her new film is ver... Read more
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