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City of Gold (Colin Low, Wolf Koenig, 1957)
A nostalgic recollection of the Klondike gold rush when the gold fever was at its height. The feeling of retrospect is deepened by the introduction of many vintage photographs which help to bring ali… Read more

City out of Time (Colin Low, 1959)
A portrait of Venice as Canaletto, Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto must have seen it. City Out of Time is a discovery of the city, which, like the arts the city fostered and still cherishes, has tran… Read more

STANDING ALONE (Colin Low, 1982)
Pete Standing Alone is a Blood Indian I caught between two worlds—the 19th j century horse culture of the Plains Indian and the energy politics of the 1980s. | He passionately believes that it … Read more

The Hutterites (Colin Low, 1964)
Over four centuries the Huttentes fled Germany, Hungary, Rumania and Russia in search of a land where they could live as they believed; finally they settled in Western Canada. This finely photographe… Read more

The Jolifou Inn (Colin Low, 1955)
The changing seasons, the Quebec countryside, and the French settlers of Canada of 100 years ago seen through the paintings of Cornelius Kreighoff. ... Read more

The Winds of Fago (Colin Low, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Universe (Colin Low, 1960)
A journey through Space and time — the story of man's mastering of the patterns and dimensions of that cosmos in which the earth is a minute speck. With superb photography, imaginative commenta… Read more

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