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Films By Curtis Harrington

A revelatory episode from the life of an adolescent Narcissus, in which he discovers the true nature of his desire. The world of the mind and that of exterior reality are fused so that they become indistinguishable from each other; the result is a film which presents the psychological essence of a ... Read more
Night Tide retells the legend of the sailor and the mermaid. It is set in Venice - Venice California, a curiously decrepit suburb of Los Angeles, which sprawls along the waterfront, surrounded by oil-wells and Santa Monica. It is, in part, absurdly grand - miniature canals, without water but with ... Read more
In this film a state of mind is cinematically abstracted into a suspenseful, doom-haunted adventure, taking place in a strange, evocative setting of miniature, bubbling volcanoes and desolate wasteland. ... Read more
A personal tribute ot the beauty and mystery of Venice, the film is intended to be the visual equivalent of a short lyrical poem. The theme involves the meeting of Death and the Maiden. Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story set in Venice with the same title, and the film's spirit is similar to his ... Read more
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