Films By Dario Argento

"Argento's first true and bona fide masterpiece." – Twitch ... Hailed by horror aficionados as one of the greatest giallos ever made, Deep Red follows musician Marcus Daly, who witnesses a murder in his apartment building and ends up attempting to solve it alongside tabloid reporter Gianna Brezzie, as the task is seemingly beyond the police. Marcus is positive he holds the key to the mystery, and ... Read more
"Tenebrae sits comfortably towards the top of Italian genre cinema for a reason." – Film School Rejects ... Peter Neal, an American horror author, is in Italy promoting his latest novel, when a young girl is brutally murdered. The killer leaves Neal a note informing him that his novels were the inspiration for the murder, and that there are more to come. As the number of victims increases, so too ... Read more
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