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"In his lyrical second feature, David Gordon Green (George Washington, MIFF 2000) astonishes and delights with the distinctiveness of his cinematic voice and the depth of his genuine, contoured characters. Green and his trusted collaborators boldly plumb fertile emotional territory; the instinctive, ineffable intoxication of first love and the risk of getting too close. ... "Twenty-two-year-old Pa... Read more
"This hypnotic, poignant and richy imaginative work actually uses the 'I cannot tell a lie' folklore of America's first President as an ironic counterpoint to a stylised tale of lost youth in the South"—Filmmaker ... The surprise hit of the Berlin Film Festival, George Washington is seen through the eyes of Nasta, an 11 -year-old black girl. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Buddy, she detache... Read more
Director David Gordon Green's latest atmospheric tale of Southern darkness and masculine angst. ... "What's the point in any of it?" asks hulking, hot-headed ex-con Joe Ransom (Nicolas Cage), years of tough Mississippi living taking their toll. To Joe's daily routine of tree clearing bookended by alcohol and aggression, only 15-year-old Gary (Tye Sheridan, in a Venice Film Festival award-winning p... Read more
"An odd little gem of a movie." - Hollywood Reporter ... In the summer of 1988 two mismatched tent-mates - uptight, introspective Alvin (Paul Rudd) and his girlfriend's younger brother, antsy partygoer Lance (Emile Hirsch) - get a dead-end job repainting lane markers down the middle of a long, fire-ravaged stretch of country highway. Alone in this enchanting, isolated landscape where time appears ... Read more
“A naturalistic and decidedly harsh glimpse into tangled, everyday lives.” - Hollywood Reporter Snow Angels spans three relationships at three different stages and culminates in two gunshots that change everything. Arthur is a trombonist for the high school band, exploring his first real relationship with his newfound love, Lila, while his parents are battling their way through a patchy separation... Read more
"David Gordon Green goes Southern gothic. John (Dermot Mulroney) lives in the Georgia backwoods with his two boys - teenage Chris (Jamie Bell) and tiny Tim who sometimes wears a pilgrim hat and compulsively eats mud and paint, explaining that 'it's an anxiety disorder.' The menage is menaced by the appearance of John's ex-con brother Deel; exacerbated by hidden gold and Philip Glass music, sibling... Read more
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