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In 1981 Sir Sidney Nolan was invited by the producer, director and scriptwriter to collaborate in making a filmic evocation of the life of the great French poet Arthur Rimbaud. ... Nolan painted 31 large canvases. These and other works of his are interwoven with fascinating historical photographs, documents and paintings from the Louvre, the Bibliotheque Nationale and the Musée Rimbaud. ... Read more
A detailed study of the evolution of the celebrated portrait of Mary Gilmore. ... Read more
'Rhythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor' was one of the first abstract paintings produced in Australia. Roy de Maistre, who was very interested in music, related the colours of the spectrum to the notes of the diatonic scale. This film analyses the-painting and illustrates the artist's theory. ... Read more
In Australia no painter has more self-consciously and brilliantly investigated self-portraiture, than Brett Whiteley. In this film, Whiteley has integrated portrait and environment, reflecting Eastern ideas of man being only as important as any other point of reference. The film shows many earlier Whiteley self-portraits, and includes statements especially recorded by him. It is not, however, so m... Read more
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