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Films By David Sutherland

Jack Levine, one of America's leading Social Realist painters, is outspoken, articulate and brilliant. His satirical work has caused controversy for years. Sutherland (director of Paul Cadmus. Enfant Terrible At 80) has helped Levine construct an intimate portrait of his condition and the condition ... Read more
Put away all your sentimental, politically correct assumptions about "inspirational" films and prepare to be strapped in for a ride through the surreal soap-umentary that is the life of thirty-four-year-old blind Californian cowgirl, Diane Starin. Candid, uncompromising and unexpected, this piece ... Read more
Back in 1934, while he was on the dole, Paul Cadmus "The ... Fleet's inn" . A Hoganhian painting of sailors and whores having a good time, was withdrawn from an exhibition because it offended an admiral. This event became a national scandal, but the painting was not displayed again until 1981. ... Read more
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