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BLUE (Derek Jarman, 1993)
Challenging British director Derek Jarman's final major work has been compared in visual execution to Warhol's Sleep and Empire State. Where it outstrips them both is in the meticulously crafted and … Read more

EDWARD II (Derek Jarman, 1991)
Anyone who has followed with interest the films of Derek Jarman will find cause for dehght m Edward II It seems to be the culmina­tion of everything the bold British director has been toying with… Read more

IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (Derek Jarman, 1980)
Set designer, art director and maker of the highly successful Sebastiane. Jubilee and The Tempest. Derek Jarman has recently returned to Super 8 to produce his new films. Using a combination of old a… Read more

T.G. Psychic Rally in Heaven (Derek Jarman, 1981)
T. G. Psychic Rally in Heaven marries abstract images of a performance by Throbbing Gristle with the ferocity and intensity of their music to brilliant effect on both eyes and ears. ... Read more

Derek Jarman is best known in Australia for his more "mainstream" features (Sebastiane, Jubilee, and The Tempest) and as production designer on Ken Russell's Savage Messiah and The Devils. He has als… Read more

THE GARDEN (Derek Jarman, 1990)
Like all of writer-director Derek Jarman's previous films, The Garden is an innovative and controversial piece of work; provocative, sensual, and highly original in its play of image and sound. ... S… Read more

THE LAST OF ENGLAND (Derek Jarman, 1987)
Shot during the summer and autumn of "last year", this mesmerising trip into contemporary Britain's apocalyptic non future presents what is possibly filmmaker Jarman's most personal film to date. It'… Read more

The Queen is Dead (Derek Jarman, 1986)
A new music film from virtuoso director Derek Jarman. ... Read more

WITTGENSTEIN (Derek Jarman, 1993)
Jarman has once again created a lush and visually stunning canvas, that explores the life and key ideologies of one of this century's most influential philosophers, Ludwig Wittgenstein. This latest a… Read more

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