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223 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1985)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series of films made by working directly on the film surface without a camera. Scratching bleaching, drawing with felt pens, and letraset, are some of the techniqu… Read more

224 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1987)
An abstract film containing a meditation of photographs from the filmmakers past ... Read more

Conversations with My Mother is an intensely moving, even disturbing encounter between the filmmaker and his mother, as they relive the traumatic years of Dirk's childhood. The family emigrated to Au… Read more

Diary V 1.0 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1996)
... ... Australian filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn has made a number of experimental films which explore the complexity of family relationships and the processes of displacement including Conversations With … Read more

Discs (Dirk de Bruyn, 1983)
A pixilated spin through a film -maker's record collection. ... Read more

EXPERIMENTS (Dirk de Bruyn, 1981)
This is a two-screen work which is the latest film of filmmaker, Dirk de Bruyn. ... Read more

Farm (Dirk De Bruyn, 1985)
Time lapse photography illuminates the many moods of a Dutch landscape over a four month period. ... Read more

Feyers (Dirk de Bruyn, 1979)
Staring into a fire brings on a certain mood. Feyers tries to capture this by intensely re-working some film of a fire (through hand-tinting, animation, editing, flicker-effects and re-filming), and … Read more

HOMECOMINGS (Dirk de Bruyn, 1988)
Dirk De Bruyn has made a number of distinctive (usually short) experimental films since the 70's. Homecomings an avant garde examination/diary of the filmmaker's roots is by far his most ambitious fi… Read more

Light Play (Dirk de Bruyn, 1984)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series ol films made without a Camera but by working directly on the film's surface by scratching, dyeing bleaching drawing with fell pens This film is a kaleidosc… Read more

Rote Movie (Dirk de Bruyn, 1994)
Traveling with Rote Movie is enticingly hypnotic. The voice and visuals gradually pull you in, until you feel the emotions and isolations of the driving man. An experimental animation, utilising vari… Read more

Understanding Science (Dirk De Bruyn, 1992)
A taxonomical crash course listing, ordering, classifying phrases, words, letters and num­bers. A collision course of the domestic and fragments received from 'out there'. A visual assault course… Read more

Vision (Dirk De Bruyn, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

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