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IN THE KING OF PRUSSIA (Emile de Antonio, 1982)
" King of Prussia " is the name of a General Electric nuclear plant near Philadelphia, and in a way, the connotation of the militaristic regime that the name evokes, is not far from reality. In Septe… Read more

IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG (Emile de Antonio, 1967)
The director of Point of Order (about the TV hearings of Joe McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee) and Rush to Judgment (based on Mark Lane's post -: mortem of the Kennedy assassination)… Read more

MILLHOUSE (Emile de Antonio, 1971)
Film-maker Emile de Antonio sets out, in what has been described as documentary "white-comedy", to confront one of the most treasured illusions of American society: blind faith in the democratic char… Read more

UNDERGROUND (Emile de Antonio, 1975)
Underground, made by three film-makers, producer Emile de Antonio, editor Mary Lampson, and cinematographer Haskell Wexler, has been described as 'an anthology of the left'. It includes interviews wi… Read more

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