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AUTUMN TALE (Eric Rohmer, 1998)
Eric Rohmer once commented that his films deal less with what people do than what is going on in their minds while they're doing it—a cinema of thought rather than aclions. Winner of Best Scree… Read more

CLAIRE'S KNEE (Eric Rohmer, 1970)
The fifth of Eric Rohmer's projected cycle of "Six Moral Tales" (My Night with Maud being the fourth), this film is yet another variation upon the theme of love. ... Jerome, a handsome, worldly diplo… Read more

FULL MOON IN PARIS (Eric Rohmer, 1984)
The fourth in writer-director Eric Rohmer's "Comedies and Proverbs" series, Full Moon in Paris, like all his earlier comedies, is an enjoyably witty creation with an unashamedly literate script, stud… Read more

LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON (Eric Rohmer, 1972)
Frederick is in his thirties, is happily married and runs a small business. His wife. Helene, who teaches English at school, is expecting their second child. Frederick takes long lunch breaks, and he… Read more

MY NIGHT WITH MAUD (Eric Rohmer, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

“The film is great fun, great pleasure, and great cinema.” - CinemascopeVeteran French New Wave filmmaker Eric Rohmer calls The Romance of Astrea and Celadon his final film at age 87. Adapted fro… Read more

THE AVIATOR'S WIFE (Eric Rohmer, 1981)
A young boy, Francois, working during the night, loves Anne who works in daytime. They never see one another. He gets into a fight with Anne because he saw her going out one morning with an aviator. … Read more

TRIPLE AGENT (Eric Rohmer, 2004)
Triple Agent France It's 1936 Paris and the world hurtles towards war. Fiodor, a former Russian general, has sought exile with his elegant, Greek-born wife, Arsinoe. This glamorous couple move in pol… Read more

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