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"A work of exaltation and profound vision, it deserves to move Green to the front ranks of European auteurs." – ... Cinema dances to architecture in the wonderful new film from Eugène Green (The Portuguese Nun, MIFF 2010; Le Pont de Arts, MIFF 2005), a reflection on art and life that's visually arresting, wryly amusing and ultimately sublime. ... At a loss for inspiration, a renowne... Read more
A playful modern-day riff on The Nativity via baroque French formalism, as exuberantly funny as it is richly intellectual. ... Teaming up with producers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Franco-American aesthete Eugène Green (La Sapienza, MIFF 2015; The Portugese Nun, MIFF 2010) continues his interrogation of family and high art in this philosophical, dryly funny farce pitched somewhere between coming... Read more
Eugene Green's [Le Pont de Arts] is a wonderfully staged story of love in the city famed for romance. The film's theatrical spirit shares something with the Absurdists, with existential crises driving the action and giving shape to the film. ... Green's Paris of 1980 is a Baroque world in which the young classical singer Sarah devotes herself to a new recording of Monteverdi's Lamento della Ninfa.... Read more
Fate and the metaphysical intervene in the life of a lost actress. ... A film-within-a-film is the catalyst for life-changing events in this homage to prolific filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira from Eugène Green (Le Pont des Arts, MIFF 2005). Strange and ephemeral encounters and lingering shots of the picturesque Lisbon city-scape - fans of Green could ask for nothing more. ... When actress Julie break... Read more
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