Films By Farhad Mehranfar

Hakemzadeh is commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to travel with a mobile open-ait cinema through the mountainous green north of Iran. Trekking from one remote spot to the next, traveling with his young son, Hakemzadeh finds himself in an isolated village where people have never seen a film. ... The open-air cinema is so impressive that not even a storm can dampen the spirits of the awe-struck... Read more
"The Legend of Love is a fascinating, stately glimpse at the rugged beauty of the Kurdistan mountains and the customs and the rituals of the people. Years ago, the idealistic Horman quit med school to work at the clinic in his war torn hometown clinic of Boonan. Now his beloved, Khazar, travels this hardscrabble land in search of him, accompanied only by a cassette of his soothing songs and musing... Read more
Following Farhad Mehranfar's Paper Airplanes (also screening as part of Journey to Iran), the filmmaker returned to the region of his birth for a cinematic study of a timeless community of people. His crew and cam­eras enter the enchanting mountains of Talesh, where he finds old clans living in snow-draped forests. ... Semi-documentary, semi-fictional, Mehranfar builds a narrative, a love story, a... Read more
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