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Films By Francis Ford Coppola

A stylish, fast-moving, gut-wrenching melodrama of hell-bent youth: a loose knit company of teenage crazies in the milieu of ... motorcycles, heroin, mean streets and pool rooms of Tulsa,Oklahoma. ... They are alienated from society at large, family,peers, lovers, siblings—yet needing them ... Read more
Francis Ford Coppola returns to his roots with a psychological family drama about two brothers living in the shadow of their father. ... When Bennie tracks down his estranged brother Angelo (Vincent Gallo) in Buenos Aires, the reunion isn't all that he hoped for. Angelo is angry and resentful, but ... Read more
Sandwiched between The Godfather Parts I and 2, Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation is as gripping a piece of up-to-the-minute suspense drama that one could hope to find, although. strangely enough. Coppola has been planning the film for several years. ... Harry Caul is a professional ... Read more
Francis Ford Coppola's blockbuster is arguably the preeminent film of its kind in the modern era. The Godfather became one of the highest-grossing films in movie history and in 1972 earned Coppola three Oscars for Best Screenplay, Best Film and Best Director. ... A potent mix of generational ... Read more
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