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Films By Frank Beyer

Spain, 1936. An officer and five volunteers of the International Brigade have been ordered to cover the retreat of the battalion which, out of ammunition, is forced to move back behind the Ebro. A signal proclaims that the order has been executed, and recalls the volunteers to the rallying point ... Read more
The most naturalistic films about the last war have come from the Communist countries — Czechoslo­vakia, Poland, Russia, and now, East Germany. The Iron Curtain countries view it with grey disillusion­ment. ... Frank Beyers powerful narrative tells of the last weeks at Buchenwald ... Read more
A true life story, based on novelist Kant's own experience as a 19-year-old drafted into the German army in 1944. Taken ... prisoner in Poland after only a few weeks' service, he is mistakenly identified by a distraught mother as the man responsible for her daughter's death in Lublin. ... He ... Read more
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