Films By Fredrik Gertten

“A front-row seat to a landmark Erin Brockovich-style trial.” - Variety ... Following a historic first court case in the Los Angeles Superior Court and ending with a verdict still under appeal, Bananas!* highlights a classic scenario of First World practices exploiting Third World workers. ... Juan ‘Accidentes' Dominguez is a Los Angeles personal injury attorney facing the biggest challenge of his... Read more
“You are naïve if you take a pop at a big multi-national and not think they'll come at you.” ... A confronting documentary that captures the repercussions of Swedish director Fredrik Gertten's film BANANAS!* (MIFF 10) - investigating the successful lawsuit of 12 Nicaraguan workers against the Dole corporation - Big Boys Gone Bananas!* is a frightening insight into the world of spin and corporate c... Read more
"David and Goliath on wheels." – Austin Chronicle ... As any cyclist knows, it's dangerous on our roads; drivers are often careless towards bicycles, or downright aggressive. But from behind the wheel, it's clear that many people on bikes flout the laws and ride recklessly. In Melbourne, at least, the divide between the two seems more intransigent than ever. But the problem is a global one. ... Sw... Read more
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