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Films By Garine Torossian

Babies on the Sun (Garine Torossian, 2001)
Re-filmed cut-out images from children's books are reprocessed further through slide and computer. These visual delicacies flutter and stutter, acting as a kind of rhythm section to the Sparklehorse … Read more

Drowning in Flames (Garine Torossian, 1994)
Once again this Armenian Canadian film maker proves that she is the world s best alchemist of handmade abstract film this time taking on the aesthetic of her contemporaries Mike and Doug Starn. A nat… Read more

Girl From Moush (Garine Torossian, 1993)
A wild mesh of traditional images of the Armenian landscape set against a haunting voice-over of longing, Garine Torossian's almost cubist collage technique edits and disassembles its images with a p… Read more

Visions (Garine Torossian, 1992)
A film within a film, shot on Super 8 attached to 16mm leader. A ruthless dismantling of thriller conventions — a gun, a threatened woman, shrieking music — which explores the body in mot… Read more

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