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Films By Gilles Carle

Canada's top contenders for the Olympic competitions to be held in Tokyo in 1964, training and competing in the swimming championships held in Vancouver. ... Read more
Viktor Korchnoi, a Russian defector, and the American Bobby Fischer, sometimes called the best player of all time, are seen competing at the world's great tournaments. ... Gilles Carle, with over 30 films to his credit, has cast his first feature documentary in the mould of a Western. To him the ... Read more
Normande St. Onge is a salesgirl in a large pharmacy in the city. Her mother is in a mental institution, and the film revolves around Normande's efforts to understand the supposed insanity of her mother and the reasons for her being in an institution. The film traces her experiences over the period ... Read more
A snow storm on Christmas Eve is cause for merriment in Canada, snow is as much a part of the festive traditions as are the midnight mass and the exchange of gifts. But Leopold Z Tremblay, snow remover by profession must work against the storm, no matter if it is a holiday. At the same time he must ... Read more
In Carle's new film, Bernadette leaves her husband and, with their son flees the middle-class existence that has been her lot, seeking the freedom she has been denied. They settle on a farm in the backwoods, and before long, it becomes a commune inhabited by others who, for various reasons, have ... Read more
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