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Bride and Groom (Grasshopper Group, 1955)
About a newly wed couple who cannot get rid of a door-to-door salesman; appropriately filmed in the pixillated (stop-action) technique. ... Read more

Raving-Waving (Grasshopper Group, 1957)
An experimental film: abstract wave movements are animated in time with rhythmic musique concrete, the sound track of which was edited not by note on tape. ... Read more

The Battle of Wangapore (Grasshopper Group, 1955)
Set in a particularly far-flung corner of the Empire, this fully animated and synchronised cartoon was the first one to be produced by an amateur group, ft took three years to complete and was an awa… Read more

Watch the Birdie (Grasshopper Group, 1956)
Cartoon revealing the secret life of the fabulous Ungle-Wunglc Bird. ... Read more

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