Films By Gustav Machaty

... ... A landmark in the history of the erotic film genre, Ecstasy has been known more for the scandal it provoked rather than as a fascinating and definitive work of Czech modernism. ... ... ... Originally titled Symphonic der Uebe (supposedly renamed by the producer when at the initial screenings in Prague audience and critics alike screamed 'Ecstacy'!). this uncensored version with nude scence... Read more
... ... A seldom seen silent gem, Erotikon is an earli­er work in the same lyrical quartet on love and eros as Gustav Machaty's more widely known Ecstasy. Though very different, its explicit­ly erotic theme and portrayal of a complex mod­ern heroine make it a definite forerunner and a truly groundbreaking film in the early history of erotic cinema. ... ... ... As an adherent of Czech Modernism, th... Read more
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