Films By Hal Ashby

“You know, at one time, I used to break into pet shops to liberate the canaries. But I decided that was an idea way before its time. Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing... oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage.” ... One of the greatest American films of its era, this 1971 black comedy focuses on young Harold (Bud Cort) and his preoccupation with death. When he meets Maude (Ruth Gordon)... Read more
Shampoo offers an unrivalled collection of stars: produced by Warren Beatty, directed by Hal Ashby and co-scripted by Beatty and Robert Towne. It features Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn and Jack Warden. ... The film is set in Beverley Hills on Election Eve, November 4, 1968, as Nixon is about to come to power in Washington. George (Warren Beatty) is a high-class hairdresser who is involved in... Read more
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