Films By Hans Petter Moland

Filmmaker Hans Petter Moland teams up with actor Stellan Skarsgard for the third time (Zero Kelvin and Aberdeen) with this minimalist crime-comedy. ... The large and lumbering Ulrik (Skarsgard) is the kind of guy who just wants to get along with everyone. Just released from a 12-year prison stint for murdering his wife's lover, he's determined to go straight. His former crime boss has other plans ... Read more
"There hasn't been this much blood spilled in a frigid, snowbound landscape – especially with this much droll, dark humor – since the Coen Brothers fed a hapless Steve Buscemi into a wood chipper in Fargo." – Hollywood Reporter ... Nils Dickman (Stellan Skarsgård) is a mild-mannered snowplough driver, living a quiet, respectable existence in a tiny Norwegian town. But when his son becomes the acci... Read more
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