Films By Hayayo Miyazaki

Kiki's Delivery Service is an allegorical tale of the joys and sadness of puberty told via a young witch's coming of age. Just the idea alone is intriguing: young witches have to learn about human existence by spending time with humans and living under their conditions. Its execution in the film is multi-faceted, soulful, and never melodramatic. ... Miyazaki's penchant for flight and levitation ar... Read more
Laputa has similar heroic themes to Nausicaa, this time centred on a young boy (Pazu) and girl's (Sheeta) quest to discover their heritage and unleash mystical powers bestowed upon them. More gender-balanced than some of Hayayo Miyazaki's other work, Laputa nonethe­less is hinged on Pazu's drive to follow the path set by his lost father, and Sheeta's discovery of a secret internal power she has ho... Read more
Inspired by a 12th century folk tale about'a princess who could talk to insects, Nausicaa transposes that idea of a human's hypersensitivi­ty to the natural order of life into a futuristic world ravaged by ecological disorder. The future of Nausicaa is one where deadly, microscopic spores (housed in a massive, decayed forest belt, now called the Sea of Corruption) could at any point be carried by ... Read more
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