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"Dainipponjin has to be, hands down, the strangest picture in Cannes this year... [It is] tears-down-the-face funny and a genuine jaw-dropping oddity." - Variety ... Stand-up comedian and actor Hitoshi Matsumoto adds ‘director' to his list of cred-entials with this absurd mockumentary about a mild-mannered man who turns into a mega-sized superhero whenever danger descends on Japan. Played by Matsu... Read more
"Fight Club as directed by Luis Buñuel." – Indiewire ... Always an artistic master of the weird and wild, with R100 filmmaker Hitoshi Matsumoto (Symbol, MIFF 2010; DaiNipponjin, MIFF 2008) follows a middle-aged furniture salesman through a monotone world where he escapes routine by joining an S&M club. He signs an unbreakable contract to be beaten – anywhere, anytime – by beautiful dominatrices fo... Read more
Cube meets Being John Malkovich. ... Japan's hugely popular comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto (Dainipponjin, MIFF 08) demonstrates his maturation as a filmmaker with this piece of candy-coloured weirdness. ... An anonymous man - played by Matsumoto in a noteworthy example of great physical comedy - wakes up to his unexplained imprisonment in an empty, rectangular room wearing only polka dot pajamas. Wher... Read more
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