Films By Huang Min-Chen

An ultralight aircraft glides and swoops over Taipei, breathtaking from the sky, in the opening of Huang Min-Chen's follow-up to the terrific Too Young. Once more the director made off with top honours at the Taipei Film Festival in 2000, again deserving accomplishment for his second extraordinary short feature. A boat-load of Illegal immigrants scatter over tidal flats as dawn approaches. The dir... Read more
Languid pace, gorgeous photography and a simple but emotive plot make this superb featurette one of the treasures worth unearthing at this year's Festival. Mo is a withdrawn and introspective high-schooler who likes to hypnotize himself by listening to meditation tapes. A burgeoning interest in spirituality is paralleled by a growing infatuation with classmate, Chieng. Rather than unfolding as a t... Read more
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