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Films By I. Dunlop

Balloons and Spinifex (I. Dunlop, J. Gray, 1958)
The establishment and operation of Giles Weather Station, isolated in Central Australia ... Read more

Below the High Plains (J. Scully, I. Dunlop, 1960)
The S.E.C. Hydro-electric Scheme in the north-east of Victoria as seen by the people who live on the job and those who find their recreation in this area. ... Read more

FESTIVAL IN ADELAIDE (M. Otton, L. Townsend, R. Mason, I. Dunlop, 1962)
An entertaining and unified record of the wealth and variety of the programme presented at the 1962 Adelaide Festival. Australian Film Awards, Documentary Section, Silver Award "for polished and prof… Read more

Henry G. Smith (I. Dunlop, 1960)
The first of a series dealing with Australian pioneers, this film, by the use of historic documents and apparatus, deals with the life and work of Henry G. Smith (1852-1924), one of our first organic… Read more

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