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Films By Ira Sachs

Alan James (Rip Torn) is a legendary producer from the heyday of Memphis Soul. He now lives in well-earned comfort with his beautiful and much younger lover, Laura, a Muscovite living in the foreign world of Memphis and spending much of her time with their small child. Alan also has an adult son ... Read more
“[Breaks] new ground in contemporary American gay cinema.” - Hollywood Reporter ... From American director Ira Sachs (Forty Shades of Blue, MIFF 05) comes the story of two men who fall in love in 1997 New York. Erik (Thure Lindhardt) is a documentary filmmaker whose encounter with closeted ... Read more
Performing gender and reframing the fictional/ factual film debate, Lady is an intriguing blend of 70s-style mockumentary and confessional melodrama. Is the Lady of the title a woman playing a man playing a woman, or more specifically, a lesbian playing a gay man play­ing a heterosexual woman ... Read more
... ... Headlights sweeping dark roads on the outskirts of town. A clean-cut white boy at the wheel. Balmy nights in Memphis, down on the Missisippi delta. What are all those parked cars doing here? Who are those guys wandering up and down? And why are there no women? As if you didn't know. ... ... Read more
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