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Adventures of Jimmy (James Broughton, 1951)
A picturesque account of the search of a particularly naive young man for his ideal mate &ndash: and his rather overwhelming success at the film's conclusion. Though told with tongue in cheek, it has… Read more

Four in the Afternoon (James Broughton, 1951)
Selecting four short poems from his book, Musical Chairs, Broughton arranges them into a form of lyric suite with haunting visuals that expand and comment on the poetic texts. Each has its own style,… Read more

Loony Tom (The Happy Lover) (James Broughton, 1951)
The film is poetic slapstick. Tom is devoted "to the sprightly cause of spreading joy about the world". He prances through the countryside making immediate and outrageous love to every woman he encou… Read more

Mother's Day (James Broughton, 1948)
Broughton's first film (1948) and his most complex and substantial. Accepting the potentialities of the medium to manipulate both time and space, Broughton brings past and present head-on as he regar… Read more

The Pleasure Garden (James Broughton, 1952)
A light extravaganza by the Californian poet, James Broughton — a highly personal mixture of lyricism, mime, whimsy and caprice. It is a comic fantasy-, with music celebrating the victory of th… Read more

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