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Films By Jean Gaumy

The photo-genuis of Jean Gaumy comes packaged in this trilogy of his work: La Boucane (The Smoking House) looks affectionately at a group of women in Normandy, completing the repetitious chore of filleting and gutting herring. ... Check out the Talking Picture Session - Pictures in Motion ... D/P ... Read more
Shot mainly against the light, On the Rowanlea Trawler makes us silent witness to the activities taking place on the decks of a trawler. This represents Gaumy's fantasy of animating his stills as he was also preparing a book on the same subject at the time. ... Check out the Talking Picture Session ... Read more
Sous-Marin (Submarine) sees Gaumy given exclusive access to the French nuclear attack submarine, La Perle, where he undertook a four-month tour of duty to make a documentary series for French television. This is the final episode, Le Dernier rivage (The Last Shore). ... Check out the Talking ... Read more
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