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Poto and Cabengo are the names two identical twin sisters have given each other as part of a complex private language they have invented, and this film by Jean-Pierre Gorin documents the phenomenon. ... "What makes the film so strange and beautiful - a beauty which comes from the beauty of the little girls, these birds of language - derives from the fact that their language is one with their bodie... Read more
Poto And Cabengo deals with American small town six-year-old twins Gracie and Ginny Kennedy who confounded language experts by developing a private idioglottic language, or 'twin speech'. ... It is a multi-layered film whose investigation of documentary forms makes for a distant and refined connection with the films Gorin made with Godard. Though this film is neither didactic, nor overtly politica... Read more
"To locate oneself in a landscape one draws an 'x' - two independent lines crossing at a single point" - Jean-Pierre Gorin. ... The narrator of Routine Pleasures - a European who has lived in America for 10 years - draws such a mark to locate himself in the landscape of contemporary American culture by crossing the work and thought of Manny Farber with the activities of a group of model railroad h... Read more
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