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COFFEE AND CIGARETTES (Jim Jarmusch, 2004)
Coffee and Cigarettes USA'When you're cool, you're cool and Coffee and Cigarettes is certified.' -VarietyUS indie film icon Jim Jarmusch has assembled a remarkable group of actors and musicians, incl… Read more

Coffee and Cigarettes (Jim Jarmusch, 1987)
The American Steven and the Italian Roberto meet for the first time in an offbeat cafe for a conversation overr coffee and cigarettes. ... Read more

NIGHT ON EARTH (Jim Jarmusch, 1991)
... ... The films of Jim Jarmusch invariably locate themselves in what one might call the 'poetry of the everyday'. His characters are constantly on the move, geographically and domestically uprooted… Read more

PERMANENT VACATION (Jim Jarmusch, 1980)
Permanent Vacation is my first feature. It is a narrative which follows two and a half days in the lite of Aloysius Parker, a young wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. He has lived in all k… Read more

Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1982)
A simple story about exile (both from one's country as well as one's self), and about a connection just barely missed. ... Read more

YEAR OF THE HORSE (Jim Jarmusch, 1997)
"Neil asked me to make a video for the song Big Time from the Neil Young and Crazy Horse record Broken Arrow... Neil and the band liked the results and Neil particularly liked the rough look of the S… Read more

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