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Confessions of a Star Dreamer (John Canemaker, 1979)
A young actress, Diane Gardner, talks about her struggles in the world of show business, while Canemaker's colorful animated images comment on, mirror, and probe hidden meanings in her words. ... Read more

Otto Messmer and Felix the Cat (John Canemaker, 1977)
Felix the Cat was the first cartoon to express an individual personality in drawings that move. The producer of the films, Pat Sullivan, claimed all the credit for creating and developing Felix the C… Read more

Remembering Winsor McCay (John Canemaker, 1976)
Winsor McCay (1871-1934) was the greatest of the early American animators. Eighty four year old John Fitzsimmons, who assisted McCay on two of his ten films, recalls McCay's career as a comic strip a… Read more

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