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All Lit Up (John Halas, 1958)
Clever calypso verse makes up the accompaniment to yet another colourful and enlightening cartoon film by Halas and Batchelor. ... The story surveys, briefly and wittily, the use of fire for warmth a… Read more

ANIMAL FARM (John Halas, Joy Batchelor, 1954)
This adaptation of George Orwell's famous political fable is the first major attempt to use the animated film as a means of telling a serious and adult story. As a considerable feat of animation &nda… Read more

Autobahn (John Halas, Roger Mainwood, 1979)
The experience of a car journey in the form of abstract imagery. An attempt to blend animation, movement, colour and sound in order to emphasise the musical highlights of Kraftwerk's famous compositi… Read more

Automania 2000 (John Halas, 1963)
A sardonic caitoon which elaboiates upon the wonders and advantages of automation. The height of civilisation is finally reached with the invention of the car which can reproduce itself. ... Read more

Birds, Bees and Storks (John Halas, 1965)
A father reveals, with great embarrass­ment, the facts of life to his son. ... Read more

Children and Cars (John Halas, 1970)
Selected comments by children show that the motor car has now become accepted as an integral part of the family unit. Child-like drawings illustrate their remarks; the film then gradually expands int… Read more

Dilemma (John Halas, 1981)
One of the world's first fully-digitized, computer-animated films. ... Read more

Flurina (John Halas, 1968)
A 12-year-old girl on holiday in the Swiss Alps rescues a small wild bird from the claws of an eagle. The tender relationship between the two is charmingly narrated in animation and colour, revitaliz… Read more

For Better, For Worse (John Halas, Peter Sachs, 1961)
Taking an average viewer as its champion, this cartoon demonstrates satirically how television can be a pleasure and a source of information or, if taken in too large a dose, can mesmerize and engulf… Read more

Moonstruck (John Halas, 1960)
A paper sculpture film telling how Top Dog, a rocket inventor, uses various tricks to inveigle Snap into going to the Moon and their subsequent adventures after he persuades him there is a bone there. Read more

Painter and Poet, No 4: John Gilpin (John Halas, 1951)
Four short films (Nos. 1 and 2 were shown at Olinda) made for the Festival of Britain. Paintings and drawings were specially executed to match the poems. ... Painter and Poet, No. 4: John Gilpin (by … Read more

Parkinson's Law (John Halas, 1975)
The film shows how not to run a business, with the aid of Parkinson's Law, invented by Sir Norman Parkinson. ... Read more

Piping Hot (John Halas, 1960)
An illustrated discourse on bathing through the ages. Inventive design and a deadpan commentary add to the enjoyment. ... Read more

Poet and Painter No. 1 (John Halas, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

Poet and Painter No. 2 (John Halas, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

Shoemaker and the Hatter (John Halas, 1952)
A defence of free trade. The hatter and the shoemaker are neighbours. The hatter makes one hat which he intends to sell at a high price; he secures a ban on the importation of hats. The shoemaker bel… Read more

The Axe and the Lamp (John Halas, 1964)
A diverting and irreverent cartoon which explores Bruegel's painting of the 'Netherlandish Proverbs'. The painting attacks sin with the axe of satire, and illuminates with the lamp of pity. ... Read more

The Christmas Visitor (John Halas, 1958)
A cartoon film which belongs wholly to the spirit of a child's Christmas. Having entered in traditional fashion by the chimney and filled the children's stockings, Father Christmas rests his weary sh… Read more

The Cultured Ape (John Halas, 1959)
This cartoon tells of a flute-playing ape, who in his tree in the jungle dreams of leading a civilised life among people who appreciate music. ... However, after being introduced into society he find… Read more

The History of Cinema (John Halas, 1956)
The History of the Cinema presents a humourous record of moving pictures from the earliest beginnings to today. ... Read more

The Insolent Matador (John Halas, 1959)
An unsuccessful matador achieves the downfall of his rival — whose renown depends updn the shortsightedness of his bulls — by placing a pair of spectacles on the animal in the arena. ... Read more

The Magic Canvas (John Halas, Joy Batchelor, 1948)
Beautiful study in animation giving a lovely play of movement, colour, and music, merging form and idea in a painter's fantasy. ... Read more

The Question (John Halas, 1967)
The ideological confusion that sets in when one tries to answer fundamental questions in life. ... Read more

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