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Films By John Weldon

Three earthlings embark on the journey of life, soul firmly in hand. Dangers moral and physical strew their way. An animation film about love, rejection, greed, endurance, honour and ignominy. ... Read more
This animated film tells its director s hair-raising experiences as a trainee teacher. ... Read more
What happens if you don't clean the snow off your front steps . . . ... First Prize, Zagreb. ... Read more
A satire on the Pinocchio story, with a wry twist in the tail. ... Read more
A short cartoon dedicated to the graceful and artistic Canadian log driver. ... Read more
A tale of epic proportions depicting romance, revolution and sordid activity in political back rooms. An essay on the relationship between good books, popularity and power. ... Read more
A film for the Taxation Division of Revenue Canada, to show that filling in income tax forms is not as difficult as it may seem. ... Read more
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