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Films By Johnnie To

Breaking News (Dai Sigin) Hong KongThe latest hard-boiled crime drama from acclaimed Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To (P.T.U., MIFF 2003) wowed audiences in its Official Selection slot at Cannes this year.'When the embarrassing defeat of a police battalion by five robbers is broadcast on TV, the ... Read more
Elections are always tense, but none more than for the leadership of Hong Kong's largest and oldest criminal Triad. The much-acclaimed Hong Kong director Johnnie To brings together a luminous cast in his [Election], a tale of age-old brotherhood traditions meeting cut-throat 21st-century ambition ... Read more
In a much welcome return to the festival big screen, MIFF regular Johnnie To picks up perfectly where last year's Closing Night feature ended with the electric Election 2. Offering an ingenuously appropriate end to the storylines of the first film, Election 2 opens with Hong Kong's oldest triad, Wo ... Read more
From the Berlin Film Festival, Johnnie To's P.T.U. went back home to open the Hong Kong Film Festival. This remarkable, taut action/drama takes place over a single night in the lives of a Police Tactical Unit investigating a gangland hit (that will literally 'stick' with you forever) and trying to ... Read more
Running on Karma (Dai Chek Lo) Hong Kong/ChinaWinner of three Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Picture, and Best Actor for superstar Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, MIFF 2003), Running on Karma is the second film from prolific director Johnnie To (P.T.U., MIFF 2003) in this year's Festival; the ... Read more
“The beginning, middle and end of Triangle are directed by three different directors… it is like tasting an exquisite dish with three different flavors.” - Pusan Film Festival ... Combining the might of Hong Kong's most celebrated filmmakers - Johnnie To (Election, MIFF 05), Tsui Hark ... Read more
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