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Films By Jonathan Nix

In a digital world, can analogue find true love? It is the wise old gramophone who has the answers for a lovesick loner. ... Read more
Venice in the 1920s is re-created as a world populated by people with gramophones for heads, in this animation by award-winning Jonathan Nix. ... D/S Jonathan Nix P Garth Nix, Anna McFarlane, Jonathan Nix WS Cartwheel Partners TD digibeta/2011 ... Read more
In this unique take on a Russian fairytale, Katinka finds something unusual when she is sent into the woods on an impossible mission by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Jonathan Nix has reworked his highly regarded SBS Fairytale into this rich and dreamlike work. --- D/P/S/WS Jonathan Nix TD ... Read more
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