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Films By Josef von Sternberg

Dietrich's first American film was a highly romantic farrago about a singer in a Moroccan cafe, the wealthy hedonist who loves her and the Legionnaire whom she finally decides to follow into the desert, joining the band of native women who follow their men whatever the hardship. Marlene's two songs ... Read more
On a train journey from Peiping to Shanghai, Shanghai Lily, notorious white prostitute, meets an old flame, Captain Harvey. The train is stopped by revolutionists led by Chang, and Harvey is held as a hostage. Lily makes a sacrifice... ... Shanghai Express was one of Sternberg's greatest popular ... Read more
Print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Paramount and CIC. ... General Dolgorucki is first seen as a quivering recluse, hiding in a rented room in Hollywood and struggling against old age. ... By chance, the Russian director, Leo Andreyev sees his photograph while casting for a new ... Read more
Sternberg's last film, made independently in Japan, is based on an actual incident and tells of fifteen soldiers and one Japanese girl marooned on a volcanic island in the Pacific for seven years, refusing to believe in Japan's defeat. It has been described as "a fascinating, sordid drama ... Read more
Sophia Frederica is brought from Germany to Russia to become the wife of the mad Grand Duke Peter. She is, at first, innocent and wondering, but when married and plunged into the intrigue of the decadent Court, she gradually hardens and, with the aid of some of the guards, overthrows the Grand Duke ... Read more
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