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Filminuto #16 and #18 (Juan Padron, 1989)
The Filminuto series are designed to screen before a feature in Cuban cinemas (often with local newsreels). ... Each Filminuto is a collection of brief cartoon-strip-like comic animations of no more … Read more

Filminuto #2 (Juan Padron, 1980)
A series of 1 minute animated jokes ... Read more

Quinoscopio (Juan Padron, Joaquin Lavado, 1986)
'Quino' is the contracted form of Joaquin, the first name of a caricaturist who is well known and loved throughout Latin America. ... "The film is not only graphically accomplished, its gags are also… Read more

Quinoscopio #2 (Juan Padron, )
A light-hearted Cuban Animation. ... Read more

VAMPIRES IN HAVANA (Juan Padron, 1985)
Vampisol is a potion invented by Professor Dracula that allows vampires to survive in daylight and therefore lead a normal life. As might be imagined, such a product could revolutionise the nocturnal… Read more

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