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Films By Karel Kachyna

Alan Marshall's autobiographical novel of his own youthful fight against polio, has been transposed on to the screen by Czech director, Karel Kachylia. ... The setting has been transported from the Australian outback to the Tlumacov stud farm in Moravia, once the largest of its kind in the ... Read more
A vivid re-enactment of life in a Moravian village towards the end of the last war. The cynicism of the story effectively conveys the sardonic humour of the villagers' efforts to protect their farms and valuables from the retreating Germans and the Russian liberators. The director has told the ... Read more
A social fresco set in Zizkov, a working-class suburb of Prague, between 1925 and 1939. The central idea of the narrative is the fate of the family of a small trader, Vincenc Bursik. He moved to Zizkov from the country. Already he had two sons and much hope that his cobbler's skill would sell ... Read more
Twenty years after it was made and promptly banned, this deviously plotted Czech thriller remains fresh, incisive and mordantly funny about ambition, paranoia and conjugal bliss in the world of politics. ... Ludvik, a high-ranking bureaucrat and his wife Anna return home from a reception. She's ... Read more
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