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What she does not know is that her son is in prison, a victim of Hungary's Stalinist regime. His wife keeps the secret well—she visits the old woman regularly, tells her that her writer son is held up in America, making a film; she brings her flowers, food, even forged letters, purporting to be from her husband. The daughter-in-law is in trouble herself—she has lost her job and finds it harder and... Read more
Shot in black and white, set in Badacsony, where volcanic rocks overlook the waters of Lake Balaton, this is the story of simple people of wild ungovernable passions. Coming home from a prisoner-of-war camp, Ferenc finds in his hut - in place of his lovely wife who has died in his absence - her sister Tera, an ugly, love-hungry spinster, caring for his son. Keeping him out of touch with the commun... Read more
The film tells of a hydro-engineer who is sent to the waste sands of the barren Hungarian puszta to investigate water resources for irrigating the land. He is disillusioned with all the Government hindrance he has encountered in the past, and does not enthuse over his job. However he develops a friendship with a director of a collective farm, and together they try to find the solution to the probl... Read more
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