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"Within the Abbey of Thelema, Lord Shiva wakes. The Scarlet Woman presents the mandragore, and a glamour is cast. A convocation of enchantresses and theurgists in the form of saints: Aphrodite, lsis, Sepmet, Astarte, offer their talismans charged with the energies of the Aeon. Arrival of the Great God Pan bearing the Gift of the Wood. ... The Elixir of Hecate is served by the Somnambulist Communio... Read more
An idiosyncratic exploration of the world of magic using its raw materials: stigmata, scarabs and weird symbolism, by a magician cum director. ... This elusive film has a soundtrack by Mick Jagger on Moog Synthesizer and a cast of wand bearers, a Magus, His Satanic Majesty and Lucifer himself. ... Kenneth Anger is an important force in creative cinema and his ''Invocation” has a sense of vitality ... Read more
A study of the myth of the American motor-cyclist: the costume and accessories, the tribal rites, the element of self-destruction. ... Kenneth Anger, formerly a child movie actor and maker of home movies in Hollywood, is now a widely acclaimed and pre-eminent figure in the American avant-garde and the author of 'Hollywood Babylon', 'a slander catalogue amounting to a phenomenology of the myth of t... Read more
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